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Mall & Retail security expert, David Levenberg
Mall & Retail security expert, David Levenberg

Following twenty-five years as a corporate security executive in the shopping center and retail industry, David Levenberg now provides his expertise to clients in need of mall or retail security litigation support or the design and implementation of a reasonable and effective security operation.

CSS is built upon his many years of providing satisfied clients with high-quality security services. During the last two and a half decades, David has provided premium security services to some of the country’s largest real-estate developers and contract security agencies.

Today he works independently, lending his clients years of accumulated knowledge from both domestic and international security assignments.

For malls and shopping centers

David’s years as a security practitioner have provided him with a first-hand understanding of commercial real estate and business security requirements. He addresses each assignment from all angles, ensuring a comprehensive security plan that acts as a buffer to mitigate not only attacks on reputation, but liability exposure as well. Experience in the contract world has provided David with the ability to review an existing contract and advise on potential changes that may provide substantial benefits to their company. See Mall & Shopping Center Security Services.

For attorneys

David’s broad experience in the corporate world along with his education in Criminology make him unique in the industry. He worked very closely with the legal department, risk management department and insurance carriers participating in reviews and investigations related to litigation brought against the company. He also has experience with a contract security company, so has seen the inner workings of both the contractor and the corporations. His extensive experience in the shopping center world, his reputation in the industry, and his participation as the chairman of the ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) Security Committee for a number of years give him a special perspective. He has testified in court and deposition over 100 times in his career.

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